Why use the FDR Centre?

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Choosing the right Dispute Resolution provider is an important decision. Rest assured you are in the most capable hands with us. Here are a few key benefits you’ll get when choosing our service.  

A more personalised approach

At the FDR Centre you’re not just a case number. We never assume that anyone’s family relationships and disputes are the same and pride ourselves on a tailored approach. 

Quicker time frame from application to resolution

At the FDR Centre, we aim to have your mediation completed in three weeks from application, subject to each party’s availability.

Our Family Law services are designed to provide a quicker alternative to court proceedings.

We’re governed by unique ‘Rules’ and ‘Protocols’ offering you more protection

Our Rules and Protocols set us apart from all other providers.

“Rules” is a legal term that refers to a set of regulations that govern conduct and procedure. Our “Protocols” provide each parties rights and responsibilities in mediation, under Our Rules.

These documents outline exactly what you can expect from us, and your obligations as a client of the FDR Centre. They aim to provide transparency for you as a valued client, and the people that work for us. You will be asked to sign a copy of these documents before your session at the FDR Centre (dependant on the service), to acknowledge you have understood them and are therefore bound by them. 

Independent point of contact

We understand that many people are going through life changing and often very stressful situations. We aim to provide neutral reassurance and confidential advice. Our team are on call during business hours to answer any questions you may have.

Quality assurance

We select only the most experienced and well respected mediators, family law specialists, and conflict & communication coaches and counsellors. You can be assured that rigorous checks and balances are in place to ensure our high standards are met.