Care and Contact of Children - FDR Mediation

Having conflicting ideas about the 'care and contact' arrangements for your children can be extremely stressful, and may feel impossible to resolve. We are here to help you work through any issues to determine what is best for your children and to reach an agreement in the form of a Parenting Plan. Click here to request more information.

What is FDR mediation?

FDR is a service designed to help separated couples and families reach agreement about the care of their children through a process called ‘mediation’. 


FDR mediation gives you the opportunity to work on a Parenting Plan for the care of your children, with the assistance of a mediator, in a private environment outside of the Family Court. Avoiding Court can save you time and money, and is generally much less stressful. Most importantly, as parents or guardians, you get to make the important decisions about your children’s welfare, rather than a judge who does not know you or your children. 


Have a look through this section for more information on FDR mediation. Click on the image to download our FDR Centre process flow chart.


Watch an overview of our FDR mediation services and fees:


Child Inclusive Mediation

Child inclusive mediation is an important part of the FDR Centre's FDR mediation service. This process was developed to allow children to talk about what is happening to or in their family, to hear their perspectives, and to provide parents with feedback as to how their children are coping with their separation to help the parents make better decisions that are in their children's best interests.

More information on Child Inclusive Mediation can be found here.

What about other family and relationship disputes, outside of ‘Care and Contact’ issues?

FDR mediation is specifically set up to focus on the care and contact arrangements for your children. Other types of family disputes are treated separately, for example: extended / blended / re-partnered family issues, or elder care disputes; as well as relationship property, and wills and estate disputes. We have set up other services to help with problems like this and offer a variety of dispute resolution options such as Counselling, Mediation and Arbitration. No matter how complicated (and we understand that many family disputes can be VERY complicated) we can work with you to resolve your family and relationship disputes so that you can move forward.

Find out more in the Mediation and Counselling or Other Family Matters sections of our website.


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FDR - Client Feedback Form

Whether you think we are doing really well, or believe there are areas for improvement - please let us know by completing this feedback form. We appreciate your time and value your honest opinions.

Please note that there are three sections to the feedback form: Our Support Team, The Pre-Mediation and Joint FDR Mediation Processes, and Your Mediator. It will take a few minutes to complete the feedback form.


Since early 2015, the FDR Centre has been offering child inclusive FDR mediation, where children have the opportunity to share their views with a Child Inclusion Specialist, who attends the mediation in the children's shoes.

‘Do I even need to go through FDR?’ ‘What steps should I take before applying?" Here you can find answers to some common questions before you start your FDR journey.

Most people going through separation will be new to FDR. In this section we outline the key steps to follow, from application to after your mediation. 

Before attending your FDR mediation session, your mediator will meet with both parties separately to complete a Preliminary Assessment and Pre-Mediation information intake.  This section outlines what will happen at this session and how you can prepare for it.

Find out more about FDR fees, and your eligibility for government funding. Most people are eligible for partial government funding, where your total cost will be $897.00.

In your joint FDR mediation session, you will work with a qualified mediator who will allow each party to have their say and will help you to reach an agreement as to what is best for your children. Day-to-day care, religious instruction, schooling, and managing holiday care are just some of the topics typically discussed.

Find out about next steps after your FDR mediation is completed, including how you can formalise your Parenting Agreement in Court, should you wish to do so. The law recognises that you and your children's needs may change in the near or distant future, so signing a Parenting Agreement does not mean you are unable to change it later.