Preparatory Counselling for FDR mediation

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During a family conflict or relationship separation, it is common to get so fixated on wider relationship problems that you are unable to focus on the best outcomes for your children. Our counselling specialists can help you deal with these emotional issues, before you step foot in the mediation room.  

Preparatory Counselling is aimed at helping both sides to a dispute communicate their concerns more effectively, chat through emotional matters that may be clouding judgement, and define the issues relating to their children. This is so you can enter your mediation session with confidence and clarity about what you think is best for your children.

Our service is tailored to meet your needs, so Preparatory Counselling can take many forms. You can complete Counselling either by yourself or with your ex-partner (or extended family / whanau members and guardians).

This may even be recommended by your mediator after he/she has completed the Pre-Mediation sessions.  If you are not eligible for Government funding, you will need to meet the costs of counselling.

Conflict and Communication Coaching

Alternatively, your mediator may suggest Conflict and Communication Coaching. This is a bit different to Preparatory Counselling, in that it is aimed at developing better communication skills and new strategies to deal with your relationship conflicts.

Sometimes our communication styles have developed over a long period of time and become ingrained in us. Coaching offers a fresh, third party perspective, and the tools to help you manage negative emotions and communicate more constructively.


Preparatory Counselling and Conflict and Communication Coaching costs $150 per hour long session.