Counselling & Coaching

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It’s no surprise that many people who come to us with their disputes are feeling emotionally vulnerable. Conflict of any kind is stressful and it’s particularly tough when family are involved. We’re here to help. 

The FDR Centre offer a full range of Counselling and Conflict & Communication Coaching services.

Counselling for Individuals

If you’re in the middle of a relationship or family dispute, our counsellors can help you make sense of what’s happening in your life and relationship. They will encourage you to find a way through your difficulties and regain strength and confidence to move forward.

Sometimes there could be deeper issues at play that need addressing, such as anxiety, grief and loss, depression or trauma and our counsellors can help you to work through these issues also.

Counselling for Relationships

Whether you are in the process of separation, having issues with care and contact arrangements for your children, or just wanting to maintain a healthier relationship, counselling can help to inspire positive change.

Relationship counselling can be useful for couples who are separating or divorcing as much as for those who are trying to 'make their relationship work' as it can help them to navigate through the process and particularly if there are children involved to work on their 'new relationships' going forward. Couples with children will be in one another's life in some form throughout their children's lives and creating a strong and healthy relationship going forward will be of benefit to the entire family.

Counselling for Families

Is your blended family becoming tricky? Is your children’s behaviour an issue? These are just some of the issues our specialists can help you manage.

Counsellors can help family groups to communicate their problems more constructively and arm you all with tools to deal with present and future conflict and negative emotions.

We recommend looking into a course of family counselling if there are issues that still are tricky for you and your family after a family mediation. Sometimes it can be useful to have a safe and neutral forum to work through things calmly and with the insights of a professional counsellor.

Teenagers and young people often find it easier to address difficult issues in a supportive environment where they feel they will be heard - family counselling can help in these situations.

Conflict & Communication Coaching

This is a bit different to counselling, in that it’s focused on:

  • Developing a better understanding of conflict and how it arises;
  • Helping you improve communication skills; and
  • Finding new strategies to deal with your relationship conflicts.

Sometimes our communication styles have developed over a long period of time and become ingrained in us. Coaching offers a fresh, third party perspective and the tools to help you manage negative emotions and communicate more constructively. 

Conflict and Communication coaching can sometimes be recommended as a good way to prepare for Family Mediation or FDR Mediation so that parties can get the most out of their mediation session - the benefits are long lasting and can help further conflict arising in the future allowing parties to sort out new problems and issues more easily.


If you are ready to arrange counselling or coaching, click here to go through our quick online application process which allows us to get a good understanding of your requirements and includes payment of the first session. Please feel free to give us a call or contact us by email before completing this process if you have any questions.