Elder Mediation

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Family and relationship conflicts often arise around elder issues, for instance, care arrangements, housing, health and financial issues. Elder mediation can help you and your loved ones work through to make an effective plan to deal with any such issues in a safe, effective, and respectful manner.

Specific issues often arise with elder disputes which typically involve multiple parties and multiple issues, and are frequently inter-generational. This requires a mediator who is specifically skilled and experienced to meet the needs of the parties to these types of dispute. Our mediators who provide elder mediation services are experienced and trained in dealing with those situations of conflict which often arise for our elder community.

What issues are considered to be appropriate for elder mediation?

Elder mediation is an appropriate dispute resolution forum for any dispute involving an elder person and one or more other parties, whether those other parties are family members/whānau, other individuals, or any organisation, company, or other entity with which the elder person has any dispute with, for instance, a retirement home or other care facility.

Elder mediators are able to assist the elderly, family members, and other important persons in their lives to resolve conflict and to make constructive plans that work for the elderly and those other parties who may find themselves in a situation of conflict.

How does the process work?

Intending parties to elder care mediation simply need to complete an online application form to get the process underway.

Upon receipt of the application and security for the mediator's fee, our experienced case managers (subject to any agreement between the parties) will appoint the most appropriate mediator from our panels, taking into account the issues, value, and complexity of the dispute.

FDR Centre will continue to support the parties, their advisors, and the mediator appointed throughout the process, ensuring high quality, and consistent advice and services.

How does the mediation work?

Mediation is a confidential and relatively informal negotiation process where you and the other parties to a dispute (for example; family members/whānau, other individuals, or any organisation, company, or other entity) use the services of a skilled and independent mediator to help them reach an agreement on any issues in dispute.

The mediator is an impartial person who you can trust and feel comfortable around, and who will help you with:

  • defining the issues between the parties;
  • exploring options to resolve those issues; and
  • negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement of those issues, that is formally written into an agreement.

Mediation is a consensual process, so we cannot make anyone participate if they do not want to. However, it is an effective process, particularly where relationships are important.