Elder Mediation

Family and relationship conflicts often arise around elder issues, for instance, care arrangements, housing, health and financial issues. Elder mediation can help you and your loved ones work through these times of conflict to make an effective plan to deal with any such issues in a safe, effective, and respectful manner.

Specific issues often arise with elder disputes which typically involve multiple parties and multiple issues, and are frequently inter-generational. This requires a mediator who is specifically skilled and experienced to meet the needs of the parties to these types of dispute. Our mediators who provide elder mediation services are experienced and trained in dealing with those situations of conflict which often arise for our elder community.

To proceed you simply need to make an application for General Mediation.

By 2051, there will be over 1.14 million people aged 65 years and over in New Zealand.

Our mediator was the voice of reason for allof us. She understood the situation perfectly and was brilliant at helping us all reach a happy agreement.

The Brain Science of Conflict

Yesterday, we at the FDR Centre were delighted to co-host with NZDRC two sessions with Kathryn Berkett learning all about the neuroscience behind conflict. Sounds complicated? Luckily Kathryn is absolutely brilliant at communicating the science in a completely...

Understanding anger and high conflict personality

By Nicola Hartfield Nicola Hartfield, mediator and workplace mentor, discusses how anger influences certain personality types and the importance of understanding and managing anger to better engage with clients in stressful situations. While engagement and...

Aging In Place

Kate Hursthouse A question commonly asked by and of family members reaching their senior years is whether or not to continue living independently at home. For some, it is undoubtedly the best option to move to assisted living. However, for those who do not...

Mediation power imbalances: weighing the arguments

- by Nigel Dunlop It is commonly said that power imbalances in mediation render it unfair.  The image is conjured up of a hapless party being cajoled into an unfavourable settlement by a more powerful party. Better to go to court, it is said, where...

Elder Mediation Specialist Accreditation: Gerard Sullivan

We are delighted to announce that Gerard Sullivan, one of our highly experienced mediators, has successfully completed the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) Elder Mediation Certification Program. Gerard is the first mediator in New Zealand to...
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