Family Law

Family Law covers all disputes involving relationship property, wills, trusts, and estates.

These are all specialist areas of the law and require the appointment of appropriately skilled and qualified arbitrators and mediators. Our Family Law arbitrators and mediators have demonstrated extensive knowledge, skill, and experience in Arbitration and/or Mediation as a process as well as the specific areas of law covered by our Family Law processes. You can be assured that any arbitrator or mediator appointed by the FDR Centre has the requisite skills and experience to:

  • assist the parties to work through the matters at issue in an efficient and effective way, giving the parties the best chance of reaching a mutually satisfactory outcome in the case of a mediated settlement; or
  • in the case of arbitration, to publish a professional and enforceable award.

It is essential that parties are represented by lawyers throughout the process when Family Law issues are concerned. This ensures that any agreement reached or arbitral award published is valid, and that the parties obtain the most efficient and effective outcome for their dispute.

The FDR Centre offers three Family Law processes:

  • Arbitration;
  • Mediation; and
  • Arb-Med.

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