On this page you can find answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

How can Mediation help me?

Mediation can help you in any number of ways, for instance:

  • it can assist the parties to communicate better;
  • it can challenge you perspectives to help you see a better way forward;
  • it can help parties to find a resolution whilst maintaining or improving their relationship;
  • it can allow you to find a solution which is more flexible than what you might obtain through a determinative process like arbitration or the courts.
Can anyone use mediation?

Yes. But the parties will need to agree to mediate first.

How much will Mediation cost?

Our Mediation service costs $1,900 (incl GST). The parties will get five hours of mediation time, including both pre-mediation (separate sessions with the mediator) and the joint mediation session.

If you find you need more time, the subsequent hourly rate is $300 (incl GST).

When do I need to pay?

Payment is required in advance.

Once we receive payment of the Mediation Fee, your case manager will appoint a mediator and make arrangements for your session.

How do I pay?

When you apply online, you will be asked to pay for your session(s) using a secure online payment system.

You can also pay by credit card or electronic transfer through online banking. Just ask your case manager for details.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please contact your case manager right away.

A cancellation fee may apply:


Cancellation notice period  Cancellation fee
No notice (don’t show up) Full fee will be fortified
More than 14 days from (including the date of) a scheduled session $250.00
Between 14 and 8 days from (including the date of) the scheduled session 50% of the relevant fee
7 days or less from (including the date of) the scheduled session 75% of the relevant fee


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