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The FDR Centre works with NZ’s most respected and experienced family mediators, counsellors and conflict & communication coaches. Our people are located throughout the country and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Use the search function to find a specialist in your area who meets your needs.

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Andrew Wood
Conflict & Communication Coach, Counsellor, FDR Mediator, General Mediator

I have been a counsellor and therapist for the past 20 years, working both in private practice with a team of therapists as well in both a management and guidance role in several secondary schools. I work with both adults and adolescents individually and through my work with the Family Court I am a very experienced relationship counsellor. Since the changes to the Family Court in 2014 I have trained as an FDR (family dispute resolution) mediator with the Ministry of Justice and now work additionally in the area of mediation.

Conflict & Communication Coach, Counsellor, Family Law Mediator, FDR Mediator, General Mediator

My philosophy is to empower parties to solve their own disputes mindfully and with deep empathy.  I am an experienced specialist family, mediator, barrister, coach, supervisor and dispute consultant, with over 27 years’ experience in conflict management. Since 1990 I have successfully mediated over 3,000 disputes. I have practiced in the areas of family law, relationship property, health and disability, employment, commercial litigation, ACC, partnership, wills and general contract law...

Anja Klinkert
Child Inclusion Specialist, Family Law Arbitrator, Family Law Mediator, FDR Mediator, General Mediator

The flavour of my work as a mediator comes from the fact that I enjoy collaborating with people (and animals). I have been mediating and working with a variety of disputants since 1996. During this year I commenced my legal practice in Dunedin working as a family, employment and criminal lawyer. I was also a member of the then Dunedin Community Mediation Incorporated Society...

Anthony Willy
Family Law Mediator, Family Law Arbitrator

Anthony Willy is a retired Judge who now specialises in commercial mediation and arbitration.

Ava Gibson - FDRC Specialist
Conflict & Communication Coach, FDR Mediator, General Mediator

Ava is  an experienced at assisting people to effectively have challenging conversations as a coach, mediator and facilitator.

An accredited mediator and Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) provider, Ava’s mediation experience includes family dispute resolution, education disputes, employment relationships, health and disability issues, stakeholder engagement, and facilitation within the community and voluntary sector.

Conflict & Communication Coach, FDR Mediator, General Mediator

I have been practising as a mediator since 1986. I have trained in the Restorative Justice model, the Narrative model, the Facilitative model and the Evaluative model but currently describes myself as a narrative-facilitative mediator who prefers to work with people in family, workplace, community and education / research conflicts. Originally I trained as a teacher ...

Bryan King
Conflict & Communication Coach, FDR Mediator, General Mediator

I was in practice as a lawyer in Napier from 1988 to 2010. Soon after I left legal practice and now operate my own Dispute Resolution organisation. From February 2011 to July 2013 I was contracted on a part time basis to the Ngati Pahauwera Development Trust as the Trust's Transition Manager, assisting with the implementation of their Treaty settlement.

Child Inclusion Specialist, Conflict & Communication Coach, Family Law Arbitrator, Family Law Mediator, FDR Mediator

I have been mediating for the past 25 years and have mediated a wide range of disputes including: care of child, parenting issues, Hague Convention, guardianship, relationship property, sexual abuse, education, workplace, neighbourhood, health and medical, education, business, civil and commercial issues including aviation, construction and engineering, weathertight homes, ...

Cherie Whitwell Mediator & Counsellor
Conflict & Communication Coach, Counsellor, FDR Mediator

I have Mediation, Counselling, and Nursing qualifications. I have expertise in Family Dispute Resolution, working with couples, families, separation, communication, as well as general mediation and counselling. I also develop and facilitate courses on relationships and communication. I am passionate about supporting people in all their relationships, and facilitating outcomes that are better for children. I have been married for over 20 years, and have 3 teenage sons. I live in Tauranga.

Cherilyn Clayton
Child Inclusion Specialist, Counsellor

My areas of interest and specialist experience are in working with adolescents, families, couple relationships and parenting. I have 20 years experience working with children and families, I am a trained Family Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist and a member of the Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand holding a current Annual Practicing Certificate.