Family Law Arbitration

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Specialist Arbitration Service for Relationship Property Disputes and Wills & Estate Disputes

The FDR Centre provides a prompt, private and cost effective specialist arbitration service for those parties for whom mediation is not a suitable or appropriate process for the resolution of relationship property disputes and wills & estate disputes and who do not wish to have their disputes aired and determined publicly in court.

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a private formal dispute resolution process whereby two or more parties agree to submit all or certain disputes between them to an independent person called an arbitrator, for a binding decision.

Arbitration is entered into by agreement and the process is governed by the Arbitration Act 1996. An arbitrator’s decision, called an award, is binding on the parties and is enforceable as a judgment in the High Court.

The object of arbitration is to provide a flexible and efficient means of resolving disputes quickly, cost effectively, privately, and confidentially without necessarily adhering to the formalised, technical procedures of litigation.

The process is presided over by an arbitrator selected by the parties and appointed by the FDR Centre under its Rules because of his or her experience, skill and expertise as an arbitrator in family law matters.

Advantages of Arbitration

While arbitration is closely related to litigation, there are several key differences which make it an important and attractive alternative to litigation in the courts.

Arbitration gives the parties the power to choose their own decision maker, the place and time of any hearing, and as far as they can agree, to control the arbitration procedures which may be varied to suit the nature and complexity of the dispute. Importantly for family and relationship matters, arbitration is a private process and is confidential to the parties.

The primary objective of arbitration under the FDR Centre’s Arbitration Rules is the fair, prompt and cost effective determination of any dispute in a manner that is proportionate to the amounts in dispute and the complexity of the issues involved.

To find out more about our specialist arbitration service or to arrange for one of our experienced arbitrators to assist with the resolution of a Relationship Property Dispute or Wills & Estate Dispute, please contact the FDR Centre on (09) 486 7146 or email us at