It is not just what we do that counts, but how we do it.

Here at the FDR Centre, our vision is to:

  • provide timely, professional, cost effective family dispute resolution services;
  • assist families to self-resolve matters;
  • if children are involved, put their welfare and best interests first;
  • achieve positive and lasting outcomes for individuals and / or family/whānau members without recourse to the Family Court; and
  • foster learning, collegiality and professional development for the providers of our FDR services.
We strive to maintain the following core values:

Exemplifying impartiality, independence, integrity, honesty and accountability – everything we say and do will reflect the highest moral, ethical and professional standards.

Engendering mutual respect in all our interactions.

Giving all those who use and deliver our services the maximum support.

Maintaining consistency and certainty in the delivery of our services.

Trusting that all our people share our values.

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