Family Legal Advice Service (FLAS)

Are you looking for legal advice to help you navigate your way through resolving your care and custody dispute?

You may be entitled to some free legal advice with the Family Legal Advice Service (FLAS).

The eligibility criteria is the same as for FDR Mediation. If you are eligible for fully funded FDR Mediation, you are also eligible to use the FLAS service. See if you qualify here.

Don’t qualify for FLAS? You may still wish to seek legal advice and a good starting point is the New Zealand Law Society’s ‘Find a Lawyer’ database which you can find here.


What is FLAS?

The service provides parties involved in a Care of Children Act dispute with:

  • some initial advice and information helping you to understand your rights, responsibilities, and options as to Family Justice services available to you (including FDR Mediation). This assists you to make better decisions regarding your children’s welfare; and
  • if you have been unable to resolve your dispute out of court (for example by participating in FDR Mediation, your FLAS provider can also provide assistance with the completion of court forms if you are applying for a Parenting Order or responding to an application for an Order.


Want to speak with an approved FLAS provider?

The FDR Centre can provide you with FDR Mediation services (fully and partially funded) but we do not provide legal advice whether through the FLAS service or privately. However, you can find an approved FLAS provider using the Ministry of Justice’s search tool which you can access here.


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