FDR Mediation

FDR Mediation is a service designed to help separated couples and families reach agreement about the care of their children.

The children’s best interests are always the primary focus.

A specialist FDR mediator will work with you and your ex-partner to develop a Parenting Plan for the care of your children in a private environment outside of the Family Court. Avoiding Court can save you time and money, and is generally much less stressful. Most importantly, as parents or guardians, you get to make the important decisions about your children’s welfare, rather than a judge who does not know you or your children.

The FDR Centre provides a full range of services designed to allow you to address all of your family and relationship conflicts and disputes in one place. You should only have to tell your story once.

Mediation covers the following services:

Additionally, we also provide counselling (for individuals, couples, and extended families), general mediation services including specialist services for disputes involving elders, as well as Family Law services for disputes involving relationship property or trusts, wills, and estates.

Average number of days between completion of application and first session with mediator

Our mediator was very understanding and supportive. Overall a great outcome and I believe saved us extensive legal costs.

FDR Mediation: watch below
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