Fees for FDR Mediation

In this section you can find out more about the cost of FDR Mediation (the cost includes Voice of the Child and Preparation for Mediation).

There is no charge for contacting the FDR Centre to discuss FDR Mediation or for the FDR Centre to complete an initial assessment of your suitability to participate in FDR Mediation (the ‘FDR Assessment‘).

Eligibility for Government Funding

The Government funds the FDR Mediation process for everyone. This may include the FDR Mediation itself, Preparation for Mediation, Voice of the Child, as well as family legal advice.

Based on your income and number of dependants, you will be either Fully Funded or Partially Funded.

If you are fully funded you are entitled to the government subsidised FDR Mediation service at no charge. If you are partially funded, you will be required to pay $448.50 (including GST). This payment will be required only after you have completed the FDR Assessment (there is no charge for the FDR Assessment stage of the process).

To see if you qualify for full funding, have a look at the Eligibility Table below:

Number of dependants* Maximum annual income** (before tax and any deductions) Maximum fortnightly income (before tax and any deductions) Maximum earnings over past 3 months (before tax and any deductions)
0 (you have no dependants) $23,820.00 $916.15 $5,955.00
1 (partner or child) $37,722.00 $1,450.85 $9,430.50
2 (partner and/or children) $54,245.00 $2,086.35 $13,561.25
3 (partner and/or children) $61,642.00 $2,370.85 $15,410.50
4 (partner and/or children) $68,882.00 $2,649.31 $17,220.50
5 (partner and/or children) $77,002.00 $2,961.62 $19,250.50
6 or more Add $7,124.00 for each extra dependant Add $274.00 for each extra dependant Add $1,781.00 for each extra dependant

*a dependant includes a partner who has no income and all children who rely on you for financial support, whether or not they live with you. This may also include your partner’s children if you are regularly making payments for them.

**income includes wages or salary as well as any benefits, interest or income received from a trust. It does not include debts, assets or your partner’s income.

How can I apply for full funding?

To apply for full funding you will need to:

(a) complete, sign, and return the Ministry of Justice Funding Declaration Form; and

(b) provide proof of income to support your application.

Proof of income may include:

  • letter from employer or payslip;
  • bank statements for the last 3 months;
  • letter from NZ Work and Income;
  • copy of your most recent tax return; or
  • proof that you have been granted civil or family legal aid in the previous 12 months

Please provide a copy of the completed Funding Declaration Form together with proof of income to your case manager as soon as possible.

How can I pay if I am not fully funded?

Our bank account details for payment by direct debit are below (please include your FDR number and your name as the payment reference):

Account number: 03 1322 0837828 02
Banking institution: Westpac
Reference: FDR File Number and Name

Payment may also be made by credit card by selecting ‘Make a Payment’ below (credit card payment will incur a 2.95% merchant fee).


I believe the FDR Mediation process saved us extensive legal costs.

Our case manager was wonderful and really quick to help out with any issues.

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