Gail Bartlett-Harris

Preparation for Mediation | Counselling

Gail has always had time for peoples’ stories, but it was only in 2002 that she entered her professional training as a counsellor. Within a few short weeks of entering study she knew she would love the work.

Of particular interest to her has been relationship work. She works with couples trying to improve their loving relationships and she also works with couples who have separated and are trying to find the ground beneath their feet in the chaos and emotion that is usually involved. Gail offers an environment where being heard and understood is absolutely possible and solutions can always be found.

Gail has worked as a Family Court Counsellor for 6 years and done facilitation of various parenting programs. She offers pre-mediation counselling (preparatory counselling) for the FDR process.


    Languages: English
    Areas of Expertise:
    • Extended Family Issues
    • Parenting/Care and Contact Issues
    • Re-Partnered/Blended Family Issues
    • Multi-Generational Issues
    • Separation
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