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We value our clients' opinions and ask all our clients to provide us with feedback so that we can ensure we are maintaining the high standards we set as well as making improvements to the services we offer.

Here are some of the things our clients have to say about us and the services we provide.

Feedback on the FDR Centre's mediation process:

"Court appointed lawyers advised me that Mediation would be a total waste of time and that we would never resolve anything. Overall a great outcome and I believe saved us extensive legal costs"

Feedback about our Support Staff:

"The support staff were very polite and friendly to deal with over the phone and very helpfully answered all my questions."

"I can't thank my case manager enough for her time, effort and guidance through this difficult process. I would highly recommend her expertise. Thank you!"

"Athena was great and very understanding and helpful."

What did you find worthwhile in participating in mediation?

"It gave me the courage to explain to my ex-husband facts about what I am not happy with, without him walking out on me. As there was a mediator there, he had to listen and not interrupt while I was talking. I think it was the first time he has actually listened to me without walking away and maybe he listened and understood me for a change "

"Being able to hear each other's side with the help of the mediator to clear up anything that wasn't being understood. Non-judgement or any side taking. Both parties were given equal opportunity."

"Mediation as a process is useful for a variety of reasons - it increases the likelihood of resolutions, enables discussions to take place with a fair and even handed 'referee' and creates a safe opportunity for both parties to feel heard."

Why would request the same mediator for a future mediation?

"He could keep the situation calm, enable me to remove emotions and focus on the issue and actually got my ex to listen to the problems that needed to be sorted out."

"They were very professional and comforting during a challenging time."

"Her skills in understanding our desires and hopes whilst keeping fair judgement and focus on our child's welfare being the most important."

"My mediator was very professional and non judgemental and I felt comfortable talking to her in a very uncomfortable situation."

If you think the mediator's skills influenced the outcome, which particular skills would you say they were and how did they influence the outcome?

"She was professional, considerate and constructive."

"She listened and facilitated but recommended when required."

"We actually had an outcome which was great. He was able to keep us all on track, reminding us of why we were there. Following an agenda that we created at the start of the meeting, ensuring we covered off everything that we agreed needed to be discussed."

"Listening and fair judgement without prejudice. Focus on the child first and foremost"