What does FDR Cost?

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From the Pre-Mediation (and Preliminary Assessment) through to the joint FDR mediation session, our partially funded FDR service fees are the same as other Ministry of Justice providers, but with the added benefit of a faster, more personalised service.

Government funding

The Government funds the FDR mediation process for everyone. Based on your income you will be either Fully Funded or Partially Funded. To find out whether you are entitled to full funding see the Ministry of Justice website.

The FDR Centre does not currently offer fully funded services.  However, FDR parties who qualify for full funding may still choose to use the partially funded service through the FDR Centre and pay the fee set by the Ministry of Justice of $897.00.

Parties may choose to use our FDR service, even though they are entitled to full funding because:

  • We offer the fastest process - time from application to finished Mediation = three weeks;
  • We offer consistency - the same Mediator will work with the parties throughout the entire FDR Process; and
  • We offer personalised support - we appoint a dedicated Case Manager who is available to answer any questions you might have about the process and your case at any time.

Cost of partially funded FDR services

The total cost of partially funded FDR services is $897.00, with $448.50 payable in advance of the pre-mediation sessions and the remaining $448.50 payable in advance of the joint mediation session. The expectation of the Ministry of Justice is that the parties will share the costs of FDR mediation.  However, we cannot compel anyone to pay any part of this fee.

When and how do I pay?

  • We require payment for all fees in advance of each stage of FDR mediation.
  • All payments can be made using our secure online payment system. You can also pay by credit card or electronic transfer through online banking.
  • The $448.50 payment for the individual Pre-Mediation sessions is to be paid as part of the online application process and is non-refundable (click here if you are ready to apply for FDR).
  • If your mediator agrees that you can move forward to the joint mediation session, we require that the remaining $448.50 be paid before the joint mediation session (up to three hours) is confirmed.
  • If you are paying for the joint mediation session, you can pay online: click here to access our quick payment service.

For more information on fees and expenses for FDR, please see Appendix 1 in Our Rules.

Cancellation Fees and Reimbursements

Pre-Mediation Fee

The pre-mediation fee of $448.50 is non-refundable.

Cancellation Fees for Joint FDR Mediation

Any cancellations should be made during business hours, ideally by email or phone. Charges may apply for the time and admin costs related to your case.

Cancellation notice period  Cancellation Fee
7 days or less from (and including the date of) the scheduled session 75% of the relevant fee for the service
Between 14 and 8 days from (and including the date of) the scheduled session 50% of the relevant fee for the service
More than 14 days from (and including the date of) a scheduled session $250.00
If both parties do not attend a scheduled meeting, conference, session or hearing Full fee forfeited